Our Response to the "March for Our Lives" Benefit Show Backlash

As many of you know, on March 20th we're hosting and participating in an event to support March for Our Lives. The aim of the event is to help meet the needs of the organization, namely awareness, funding, and day-of, on-the-ground help for the actual march on the 24th. We believe a concert is an effective way to do this; it assembles people in a room, paying people who have contributed to need #2 just by entering that room. When they then buy a raffle ticket (with prizes like tickets to The Voice, courtesy of NBCUniversal), or merch from one of the bands, they are further contributing. In addition, they'll be offered opportunities to volunteer – giving potential attendees a job to do makes actually turning up at an event a lot easier for some.

But, as you can imagine, not everyone is happy with us. Some people have even been nasty and have said mean, mean words that hurt our feelings, which is crazy, because the internet is usually so courteous a place. We should keep politics out of music, or go back to being failed artists, or get our facts straight, or discontinue being a cog in the propaganda machine, all said with the same eloquence I've employed here, of course. 

So to those of you all upset and twisty about our deliberate, intentional choice to support a cause we fully stand behind, we have this to say to you:































































Yep. That's a whole lot of nothing. 

March for Our Lives: A Rally & Benefit Concert
Tuesday, March 20th @The Hi Hat, 7:00PM
100% of proceeds go directly to the cause
Tickets: http://bit.ly/MOFL20