Why We Made a "Living Room Edition"

Our new(ish) EP "Feet in the Water (Living Room Edition)" is out now! Listen to it on Spotify or buy it on Bandcamp

Do you remember Hurry Death? Well, we remember Hurry Death. We played a lot of soft, sad music that sounded something like this

But, branding is important if blah blah success blah blah and most people, before hearing said soft, sad music justifiably assumed we were a metal band. Daniel and I reluctantly agreed when Andrew suggested we change it to Climates, and Johnny What thought this new name was "dope," but while the name itself wouldn't get anyone thinking we were a metal band, turns out Climates ACTUALLY IS A METAL BAND somewhere called England or something that probably isn't really a place. 

So we changed it again. Did I tell you this story already? Anyway, there is an existing email thread with hundreds of exchanges going back and forth over the name and well, you know how this story ends. 

So we're working on this EP, spending way too much money, agonizing over disappointing results, and generally coping with what I don't think a lot of bands would even survive. Over two years of production trying to get 5 fudging songs out, we stopped having fun. In our despair we visited some old stuff, like the very first version of SEF with different lyrics and everything, which we recorded while I was recovering my voice, and in our nostalgia we collectively committed to having fun again. 

We wrote Disaster and My Satellite and The Indian Ocean and this new one you'll hear soon called Mountainside. Our shows got better (as in I stopped getting unconsolably nervous before our performances). We enjoyed each other's company more. We went back to the beginning and tried to relive these songs when they were fun, before we tweaked and adjusted and picked them apart ... back when they were emotional and moving and ... raw. 

Don't get us wrong! We're proud of the original FITW and the team behind it. But each of these songs has multiple dimensions, and we wanted to reveal at least one more side to them before letting them go completely. 

They don't tell you that about your artistry, do they? You obsess over the tiniest details, send it back for another revision, tweak it some more, massage it into the most pleasing shape ... you pour yourself into it until you just kind of let it go. And then it's not yours anymore. You're proud, relieved, a little sad ... 

Anyway, no one cares. Our new (not-so-new) EP "Feet in the Water (Living Room Edition)" is out now! You can listen to it on Spotify or buy it here, where you can also find the [overproduced] original version (the one where we sold out). Also we're back in the studio next month, and if you'd like to support us on that journey, you can do so by becoming a BandCamp subscriber, where you'll get all our new stuff early and our old stuff for free, plus other cool stuff. 


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