We Made a Music Video

About a month ago we released our first single as Lone Kodiak, a song called "Calm Down" to rave reviews (from our parents). 

Check it out: 

They sure did put a lot of effort into it, didn’t they?
— Andrew's mom
The music sounds nice I just wish I knew what they were saying.
— Daniel's uncle
... pretty good.
— Richard Reines, War Road Management

Don't act like you're not impressed. Anyway, the road to getting the first single from our first EP out was so long, and so stupid. There were moves, firings, restraining orders, picky vocalists, and never mind the maddening conversation about deciding on (and sticking with) a mother falcon band name. It was (almost) enough to make us trade in our instruments for real tools you use for real jobs (whatever those are). 

One day amidst the (im)patience, Parker wrote an acoustic, sad and intimate version of Calm Down, reminiscent of the kind of stuff we were doing as Hurry Death, and even as emberghost on the NLFTE project. There was some freedom in bucking all the guidance and advice and direction from our (much loved and respected) producers, managers, engineers, etc., and we decided that in addition to the ambitious production that was Calm Down and the debut EP, we'd release a second, less produced, raw version that we'd record ourselves. It would serve as a sort of alter ego, the Bruce Banner to LK's usual Hulk.

Acoustic guitars, real piano, real strings, lots of wine ... 

We got Alex to come back for a new vocal, and speculated as to which version our (massive) following would prefer. The studio master, or the "living room edition?"

And what better way to introduce it than to invite the audience to join us in our literal living room with a video of us performing the song? It was a simple enough concept; plenty of windows and light; we had (some) equipment and (some) experience. It wouldn't cost us much. What could go wrong? 

And maybe the production trouble gods think we've had our fair share, because ... well, other than a dropped camera and a delayed tripod delivery, the shoot went perfectly. The light was good. Everyone showed up on time. The donuts were delicious. Alex's daughter Clara was quite the little diva, but it didn't matter because we weren't recording audio. In fact, the best parts of the video are her cameos. The first rough cut was done a week later and everyone was thrilled – it was exactly what we set out to do. 

Next Wednesday (8/2) Atwood Magazine is premiering the video for Calm Down (Living Room Edition), a Sault Marie production directed by our own Dainéal Parker, and we hope you'll enjoy it. After that, check back here and we'll let you know what's happening next. 

See you soon. 

- LK

PS - We need to thank Matt Tramel for taking pictures, TJ Firestone for general assistance and additional photography work, Alex Rhodes for giving up her Saturday for us, Clara Fleeman for being a perfect little rockstar, and Nare Ovsepian for making the whole thing possible.