On the Hurry Death/Hailey Loggins Split

What happened!? I mean ... you just took pictures!

I know! And we're so happy with those pics, too. We're certainly not going to climb down into Rindge Dam again. And at least one of us hates posing for pictures. 

But ... there's not really any good gossip here. No drama. No one fell in love. No one got yelled at. No one stole money from the cash box. 

It really just came down to an issue of compatibility. Over the last few months, we've become hyper-focused on a vision for our upcoming EP, our musical direction becoming increasingly clarified ... this feeling crept up for both parties, one that brought to light the hard truth that as much as we wanted to be, we weren't a match made in heaven.

Breakups of any kind are emotional and difficult, whether or not it's a mutual decision.  But I think we all felt it was for the best. There's certainly no bad blood. 

Will there be female vocals on the EP? Who will do them? 

Yes. And we're pursuing a number of options, including people we've worked with before and our listeners will be familiar with. We haven't settled on any one person yet, but are excited about the possibilities. In fact, there may be multiple female vocalists when all is said and done. 

What about a new band member? 

Our priority right now is to determine who will do vocals on the EP. We'll pursue a permanent replacement once production has concluded. Any interested parties should email us at hurrydeath@hurrydeath.com. 

And the EP is still on schedule?

Yes. The first day in the studio is August 24, with or without the selected female vocalist. Its release date is TBD.  


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