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"Their name evokes something woodsy and pastoral, and it's fitting for their sweeping, melancholy music."

- Kevin Bronson, BuzzBands LA

Long before East LA's newest indie power trio became Lone Kodiak, singer/guitarist Dainéal Parker and bassist Daniel Alden were in a Portland band called emberghost. Having risen to the upper ranks of a crowded PDX "post-hardcore" scene with their aggressive mix of anger and sorrow, emberghost reliably sold out large venues like The Roseland and earned itself a trip to NYC to meet with Sony Music. It was around this time that their co-vocalist, the extraordinarily talented Sarah Jennings, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Sadly, she would not recover. Neither would the band. 

The backstory is important here, because though Lone Kodiak is a young band, the music conveys a rich history, littered with difficult, sometimes devastating memories and profound experiences alluded to in a reflective, nostalgic tone. There was some reluctance to start again from the beginning – are we really going to put ourselves through all that again? Anyone who's done it knows it takes a lot of effort, a lot of patience, a lot of rejection, and a lot of vulnerability to become something from nothing. Once they picked up drummer Andrew Smith, who injected a kind of energy into the music they weren't expecting, they decided that if they were going to do it at all, they were going to really do it. 

And they have.

Produced by Johnny What (BRÅVES, Nikki Reed), mixed by Kyle Mangels (Lady Gaga) and mastered by Grammy Award winning, John Greenham (Ice Cube, Bastille, Katy Perry, Sam Smith), “Calm Down” is the first single from the band’s forthcoming debut double EP “Feet in the Water.” Featuring exuberant (and real) strings, driving piano, eloquent acoustic guitar which offsets the energizing electric guitars, pep rally claps, both male and female vocals, and a distinctive hook, all in a hard-to-resist 3/4 time signature. The band have dubbed the sound “campfire rock," as it is intimate and honest enough to be a bedside lullaby while yearning to be an arena smash.

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